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Feeder Fresh™


Seed and Feeder Protector  

Always a clean feeder with no effort

Safe for Birds! Feeder Fresh is made from sand, just very absorbent. Contains no harmful chemicals, only bird-safe granules composed of the same essential minerals as grit, naturally consumed by wild birds.

Protect Birds! Some of the most toxic compounds on earth are created by spoilage and can be harmful to birds and humans. Now, stop spoilage before it starts.

How it Works

  • Absorbs moisture to safely prevent spoilage and stuck-on seed.
  • Keeps seed fresh even with rain, humidity and condensation.
  • Attracts more wild birds and saves money on seed.
  • Bird-safe and made from essential minerals wild birds need.

Stop spoilage before it forms                     Bird-safe all natural

Save time and stop scrubbing              Effective super absorbent

Works great with the Squirrel Buster® Finch feeder

Due to the delicate nature of nyjer seed, it can spoil quickly in humid conditions. The addition of Feeder Fresh to your seed will keep it fresh longer!

Usage Instructions

Size: 9oz
Size: 9oz

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